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Wezel Holding began its investment journey in 2012, with many global companies in the field of agriculture, grain trading, rice and meat in different countries, such as Ukraine, Canada, India, Australia, Brazil, Singapore. Locally, with national grain companies, Almarai, Nadec, Fisheries and NAQUA.

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We have been in the agriculture industry for over 15 years

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We establish innovative approaches to modern agriculture and always put environmental and social factors at the heart of our business and operations. With decades of agricultural investment, our talented team, development, and operational experience worldwide make all stages of hassle-free and easy investment. All you have to do is to enjoy your profitable investment. The first thing you are looking for in the company where you are planning to invest in professional staff is to have a well-managed agricultural system. We assure you that.

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Our Investment Strategies

What we do at Wezel Holding

Investors risk insurance is our priority. To eliminate the possibility of investment losses, we put over 30 % of our return in the top hedge funds. Their advantages include better talent, a unique management approach and a strategy of betting on the relationships among investments, rather than wagering on which will rise and fall.

Cereals and oilseeds

The products generating the highest revenue in the Agro Invest Group are those in the oilseed and cereals segment. These are products that we produce ourselves, on our own agricultural land, but also products that we purchase as part of our cooperation with other agricultural producers.

Seed processing

We produce cereal and oilseed seeds at our seed processing facility. We cooperate with the world’s leading producers, such as Syngenta, RWA, Poljoprivredni institut Osijek and BC institut.

Animal Feeds

Wezel Holding animal feed factory has been producing complete feed mixes for all animal species, supplemental feed mixes for all animal species, and animal feed supplements

Real Estate

The fund has investments in hundreds of buildings in cities worldwide. Investing in real estate generates annual rental income and helps shield the fund from the ups and downs of the stock market. This reduces the risk of the fund losing money.

Renewable energy

We invest in infrastructure for renewable energy. Mainly wind and solar projects in Europe and North America. Up to 2 percent of the fund can be invested in unlisted infrastructure for renewable energy.

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